How to Celebrate Retirement the right way!

Saving enough money to allow you to retire is a huge accomplishment and it should be celebrated. Honor the retiree by throwing a retirement party. Friends and family can come together to celebrate the retiree as he is the guest of honor!

Planning a retirement party 


Retirement is a major event in a person’s life. It signals the conclusion of one stage and the start of a new one. There is no more need for an alarm clock. Planning a retirement party, therefore, is an important task that requires special attention to detail. 

  • From choosing a venue 
  • to selecting the perfect menu and decor 
  • Every aspect of the party needs to be carefully planned to ensure a memorable occasion. 

Whether you’re planning for a coworker, friend, or family member, there are endless possibilities to make the celebration unforgettable. Consider the retiree’s preferences and interests. Make sure all their colleagues, friends, and family can join in the festivities. So, get ready to plan an epic retirement party that will leave everyone feeling inspired and appreciated!

Choosing a retirement party venue

Party Theme


Perhaps you want a scenic backdrop for great photo opportunities, or maybe you’re looking for a venue with a specific atmosphere. Whatever your preferences may be, selecting a retirement party venue should be a reflection of your personality and accomplishments. 

This event is a meaningful milestone, signifying the closing of one period and the start of a thrilling new one. So go ahead and raise a glass to all of the hard work and dedication, in a location that will be as unforgettable as the memories you’ll create.


Retirement Party Venue

We Provide Catering for a Retirement party

Orange Tree’s party planning team has you covered. Whether you are in need of catering for a retirement party? We will provide that for you, giving you time to work on the guest list, and the retirement gift. A lot of people question if they should bring a gift? Read more on retirement party etiquette 

Leave the big day planning and retirement party ideas to us. If it is a photo booth you want, we work with a number of great vendors to meet any special party requests. If your guest of honor’s favorite hobby is golf, we have a course right on property. 

Our audio and visual equipment makes it easy to have a virtual retirement party for those guests that can’t make it in person.

retirement party catering

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